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About Us

Gates of Heaven was founded in 1978 by the late Bishop Jerry Carr Jr. and his wife Ladell Carr. Bishop Jerry Carr Jr. was born in Bancroft and grew up in Albany Ga and was the oldest son of late Rev. Jerry and Alberta (Annie) Carr. His father the late Rev. Jerry Carr Sr. was a Missionary Baptist pastor who founded seven churches in Albany Ga and surrounding areas. Mother Ladell Carr was born and raised in Suffolk, Va. until her teenage years when her family migrated to Waterbury CT.  She is the daughter of the late Bishop Tony & Lillian Clemon. Her father, Bishop Tony Clemon founded and pastored multiple churches until his death.


Bishop Carr, the founder of Gates of Heaven Qahal (Church) was appointed and installed as a Pastor in 1976 and pastored for over 30 years. During his time as Pastor, Bishop and Mother Carr  purchased and redeveloped multiple properties for the church. They established the first free meal program for those in need, multiple community service outreach programs and were faithful helpers of anyone who was in need. Read more about our founders here.


The congregation is lead by Pastor Jerry Carr III who has pastored for over 15 years. Pastor Jerry Carr III is the son of the late Bishop and Mother Carr. He is passionate about teaching Da Bar Ha Qadash (The Holy Word) and awakening the lost sheep of the Children of Israel. He is an anointed teacher and preacher and proudly proclaims "Shalawam" to the people. 



Gates of Heaven mission is to awaken the Children of Israel by preaching and teaching Dabar Ha Qadash, following the law, statutes, and commandments. 


What We Believe

Fundamental Beliefs: 

  • Dabar Ha Qadash (The Holy Word; Bible) is both the history book and Divine manuscript to Yahawah's People 

  • The descendants of the enslaved are the blood descendants of the Biblical Children of Israel 

  • We, the descendants of Children of Israel have an obligation to return to The Most High God with our whole heart and follow the law, statutes and commandments. 

  • Yahwahshai Ha Mashyach, (Jesus Christ) is the Passover Lamb who came to redeem us through His blood shed on the cross

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